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"I am a graduate of biochemistry, I graduated with second class lower. I'm tired of being jobless, No joy, I can't think straight, life is so hard, but I'm a man, I need to make my own cash, I don't want to go into illegal stuff like yahoo yahoo (God forbid). I don't need money from anyone but a GOOD JOB, I have little experience in sales, and office administration. I can work in Lagos or Ogun. Please help a brother, I'm tired of sleeping, I'm tired of moving from one street to another like a goat"


Jonathan needs a job, but he can't really get one because over 80% of job vacancy posts in Nigeria comes with minimum of 2:1 as a requirement.

We have over a million people like Jonathan in Nigeria, people who wake up daily with little or no hope of getting a job.

Twotwo was created to tackle the discrimination being faced by second class lower graduates in Nigeria

We believe second class lower graduates have everything it takes to work at any company/organisation and should be given a chance. The discimination has to stop


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