My name is Ajala Femi and this is my success story

I am a 2:2 grad. When I finished NYSC, I went to one of my dad's friends for some assistance, and he told me 'It's like you didn't go to school at all.' I felt crushed, but I didn't let it kill my resolve. Comments like that can be devastating to the psyche.

I took it all in, applied for my Msc, which was rather inconvenient at the time, and started the long and painful journey towards career definition.

It has been a long and torturous journey, but all in all, I thank the Almighty. When I look back, some of the IT companies that I was struggling to get a position with back then, which were considered 'big companies' back then, I am now personal friends with the CEOs and owners of those companies today.

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