My name is Nuesiri John and this is my success story

After graduating with a second class, lower division, i was not happy at all. Even to tell my parents seem very difficult, but i finally did, and they didn't kill me.

I started the hustle quickly, after service i left my comfort zone(parents house)...straight to Lagos the land of opportunities.

I remember very well, my first earning was 10,000 Naira (funny enough, i was paid the salary like i was selling something to the man...right on the road, he just counted 10k and said this was my pay for the previous month).

I took the money with joy, even though i knew i could have earned much more while at home with my parents.

It continued like that for several months, until i got another job with a big company, but through the back doors (Note: Back door pay are very crazy, almost nothing to show for it).

This company is big, no doubt...but as a graduate, i was told i would be paid 30k for a month with probation, then after six months if i perform fine, the pay will be raised.

That was how i became very serious with work, i did the job like i was paid heavily, even used my credit to call colleagues and supervisors, etc... After the awaited six months, my pay only increased with an additional, literally, i earned 45,000 per month.

I didn't stop there, i kept faith and hope alive, i bought guardian newspaper every Tuesday, applied for any kind of job i saw (after-all, it was free applying electronically).

After about 2 years and 7months, i was still earning the same salary, i wanted to leave, but i decided to stay.

Then my first real breakthrough came, i applied for a job i knew i wasn't qualified to even apply for, i remember it was an advert from guardian newspaper.

We wrote exams, did interview. Funnily, the pay per month was 5 times my salary, but the negative thing there was the job was a short one, three months job.

I had to take the risk, because i made the calculations...the pay was equivalent to a year salary of my then present job.

I started this new job, do you know this job only lasted for a month? I was paid my salary, and i had to go and hide myself...because friends were already celeberating my success story.

To cut the long story short, from that first break through one month job, i got another job, this one is bigger, better and it's good.

N.B: Never under estimate your little beginning....and always have a positive mind set.

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